Tony Das is a professional musician with almost 2 decades of professional performance under his belt.

He plays guitar for Peepal Tree, a band that has played some of the biggest music festivals in the country such as NH7,and OctoberFest, and whose first two music videos were released to widespread acclaim.

He also plays guitar for the heavy metal band Bhoomi, who have worked on their first album with Grammy-winning producer Neil Kernon, and have played numerous shows around the country.

He is a part of the popular rock band Thermal and a Quarter as a regular collaborator, having performed with them as a guitar and bass player, and having played some very memorable gigs both in the country and outside it as well, in the UK and the Gulf.

He used to play bass and tour India with one of the country's most popular hard rock bands Moksha. He does jingles and film-related work as a guitarist, bassist, programmer, and writer/composer. He actively performs as a sessions guitarist/bassist/singer for live gigs and recordings, having worked on movies songs and film scores for many movies with music directors like Sandeep Chowta in Mumbai, and in Banglore, Raghu Dixit.

Tony has also played guitar on Sandeep Chowta's album, Matters Of The Heart, an undertaking of epic proportions, which features around fifty of the greatest living jazz/rock musicians in the world like Dave Weckl, Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Mitch Forman, Dave Grusin, and many, many more, which was released in October 2013.

He has also written music with Sandeep for an album of songs that have been played by guitar legend ScottHenderson, and is still in the making.