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Don’t call yourself a “blues/feel” player if you’re only saying that because you never learned how to play faster sequences.

Don’t say the reason you’re not popular is because you’re “too niche” when the real reason is you haven’t put yourself out there enough.

Don’t make yourself a martyr for balancing your musical practice and work life (effectively compromising both) – – being partially committed to your craft isn’t something to be proud of, it could be your circumstances, or just that you’re too risk averse or too lazy to actually push yourself beyond what’s familiar and comfortable.

If your audiences aren’t scaling the way you want, it’s not because “people listen to garbage these days” – – which is a great way to make yourself feel better for having superior taste. It’s not your concern what people listen to these days or why – – it’s your responsibility to get them to STOP whatever they’re listening to or watching and draw them to you.

Critique without corrective action is empty rhetoric. Any critical commentary you have on the state of Music is worth nothing if you’re not playing the game. Stop having opinions – – you’re doing that to avoid the more difficult act of participating with full engagement. Opinions are time-consuming, and a great way to procrastinate.

Never Make Necessity A Virtue.



It’s not because you’re not talented enough, or fast enough, or haven’t transcribed enough, or don’t know your scales/chords etc etc well enough – –

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Something I realised I use a LOT, after reading Timothy Pychyl’s “Solving The Procrastination Puzzle” (highly recommended) is I ‘pre-decide’ what my responses to situations

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